Why You Should Use an Electric Space Heater

Why You Should Use an Electric Space Heater

With recent advances in technology, it is no surprise that heating systems have also been revolutionized. Today, using an infrared space heater, heating bills can be cut by 50% compared to using an older heating system. These electric space heaters are also safer and more environmental friendly. Continue reading

Cut Your Residential Energy Use

Cut Your Residential Energy Use with Portable Space Heaters

With the state of the economy and the energy crisis today, homes should be as energy efficient as possible. This can be achieved by redesigning the home to be energy efficient. Of course, not all homeowners can afford to have their homes remodeled just to make them energy efficient. For these homeowners, there are still ways to significantly cut their residential energy cost. One of them is using infrared space heaters. These are portable space heaters that can cut your heating bills by 50% or more. Continue reading

Advantages of Using an Infrared Space Heater

Advantages of Using an Infrared Space Heater

Infrared space heaters are now becoming the preferred method of heating in many homes. This electric space heater provides many advantages that cannot be found in old electric, fuel and gas heaters. The infrared space heater is energy and cost efficient, safe, attractive, and space saving. Moreover, the infrared heater is a lot less expensive compared to the old electric, gas and fuel heaters. Therefore replacing your old heater can be a considered a very affordable investment. Here are some of the advantages of using the infrared heater. Continue reading

Save on Heating Costs

Save on Heating Costs with a Radiant Space Heater

It is always smart to take advantage of the latest technology related to cost-efficient living. For example, saving on energy costs is now possible with a radiant space heater. The Infrared Heater Store’s radiant space heaters use advanced technology to heat larger rooms with less energy consumption. In fact, they can be considered small but powerful, because they can provide optimum heat to a large room of about 1,000 square feet. By using these smaller units, the radiant space heaters then allow for energy savings of up to 50% compared to using a traditional heating system alone. This can mean significant savings on one’s monthly energy bills.   Continue reading

Feel the Difference With an Efficient Space Heater

This Winter, Feel the Difference With an Efficient Space Heater

Winter brings many changes to our lives apart from just the drop in temperature. However, dropping temperature alone becomes a cause for worry to many of us since we are not accustomed to the cold. All we need is a most efficient space heater that works without drying out the air inside a room, something that affects our bodies. Continue reading

A Must for Every Home

Safe and Reliable Space Heaters – A Must for Every Home

Many of us have seen the harmful effects of heat pump and gas heaters and don’t really want the risks of owning one. This is simply because safety is always our top concern, no matter what product we buy. At the same time, we don’t want to purchase heaters that increase our utility bills. What we want is safe, reliable and energy-efficient heaters. Continue reading

Efficient and Economical Method for Heating Your Home

Small Space Heater – Efficient and Economical Method for Heating Your Home

Spending thousands of dollars for heating your home could be a thing of past. Now, you can put an end to your escalating energy bills and complicated heat pumps or gas heaters. Many of us make the mistake of spending too much on heaters and subsequently paying hefty electric bills month after month. But we’re not motivated enough to look for new ideas. Now, say goodbye to these old methods and bring home a small space heater that can have a big impact on your home heating system. Continue reading

For Economical and Efficient Heating

Infrared Space Heaters – For Economical and Efficient Heating

Are you looking for a heating solution for your home that is economical as well as efficient? Switching to infrared space heaters from your traditional heat pumps and gas heaters may be the answer you’re looking for. When you are planning to buy a heater, the most essential things to know are whether it is energy efficient and, of course, the quality of heat it produces. Safety is another important consideration. Continue reading